Cascade Mountain Lake Placid

Fall in Lake Placid

For many years now, when the leaves start to turn colour my family has headed north to take in the beauty of fall. That has typically meant going to Algonquin or Arrowhead for camping on the Thanksgiving weekend, or even just for a day trip. Then

Mily Way in Temagami

Milky Way in Temagami

I’m still trying to sort out a reasonable way to carry my camera gear while backcountry canoe camping. It’s not easy to carry a couple of camera bodies (OK, maybe one is enough), several lenses, a flash, batteries etc., etc. etc… oh yeah and a

Egan Chute

Egan Chutes in Winter

We haven’t been getting much in the way of winter where I live, so to find the snow we have to get in the car and drive north. This weekend we decided drive to Egan Chutes Provincial Park to check out the waterfall in winter. After

Frink Centre Milky Way

Frink Centre At Night

Between the fireflies, the airplanes, and the terrifying sounds of the march monsters that were creeping up on me in the dark (who were no doubt angry about how dry their home is), it’s a wonder I was able to capture anything on this night

Indie Music Fest 2012-2015

It’s time for a quick trip in the Wayback Machine. The year was 2012… OK, not it’s not that long ago, but stick with me. The year was 2012 and I heard through the grapevine (i.e. Facebook) about a grassroots music festival happening right here

Wintersleep at Rockin The Square Kingston

Wintersleep Rockin’ The Square

Remember Record Stores? Thanks to many hours listening to CBC Radio 2, I’ve been a huge fan of Wintersleep since before it was cool. And I have the CD to prove it. That’s right, one listen to Oblivion and I was off to the old

Sandbanks Sunset

Photo Contests

A few years ago I came across the CLiC Photo Show in Picton. Ever since I’ve been meaning to enter some photos, and this year I finally did. This year the show is at Books & Co. in Picton from July 23rd to August 7th, Make

Newfoundland West Coast

Revisiting Newfoundland

It would seem I’ve been taking a little bit of an unplanned break from social media lately. I can’t say for sure why, but for some reason my blog, Facebook, Twitter and Intagram have been sitting pretty idle.  But, I guess that’s going to change

Bay Of Quinte photo book

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Santana at Rogers K-Rock Centre

Santana At Rogers K-Rock Centre

It’s not often that I get to photograph a legend the likes of Carlos Santana, but last night at Rogers K-Rock Centre, I got to do just that. Before the show I talked to a lot of people, and all of them mentioned the same